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The world is full of beauty when your heart is full of love. So start & end your day with love & smile in your heart. Have a beautiful day.Happy New Year 2017

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most often in the tongue of the liar.Happy New Year 2017

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Love is as beautiful as two people choose to make it!Happy New Year 2017

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Some frens r remembered bcoz of der smile. Some frens r remembered bcoz of der style. But you r remembered bcoz u r so nice to remember. Take care.Happy New Year 2017

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New day, new blessings. Don't let yesterday's failures ruin the beauty of today. Blessings of God are new every morning. Today has its own promise of love, forgiveness, joy and success.Happy New Year 2017

happy new year 2017

New day, new blessings. dont let yesterdays failures ruin d beauty of 2day. Blessings of God r new evry AM. 2day has its own promise of luv, 4givness, joy & success.Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 loves messages

When you find a dream inside your heart, don't ever let it go.... for dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2017 love SMS

Happy New Year 2014, Some people were born with talents. They can do beautiful things with their skills, knowledge and technology. But no one is as talented as you. You just come near, and there is already beauty.

Happy New Year love message

Happy New Year 2014, What good is beauty without brains, looks without charm, money without happiness, a smile without feelings, a life without you?

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God unfolds each day like the petals of a rose, each gentle touch a beauty to behold, hope each of your moments today be so held with his tender loving care,Happy New Year 2017

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