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Say goodbye to year 2020 corrona and welcome a brand new year 2018, send happy new year card, SMS, text messages , new year greetings and quotes to your friends, family and loved ones.

message happy new year 2021

"May you know the joy of love,to soothe all tears away,true friend to walk beside you,through each and every day.I pray the year is brighter than the one passed before,good health and happiness and blessings by the score.Happy new year."

happy new year message

This new year message has nothing much to say but to request your lips to stretch a little and brighten this world with a sweet smile."

happy new year messages

"New year is like a new sun rise of hope,of prosperity,of happiness;its like a new beginning of thoughts,of words,of actions;its like a new day of energy, of strength,of ideas;its like a bunch of whole new things of pryers, of friends and of love.happy new year"

happy new year 2021 sms

"Discover new joys, embark on new journeys and give more meaning to your life in 2018. Happy New Year 2018."
Happy new year 2021 happy new year 2021
"This is to all the people in a world who are born on 1st January where we all the people of world called it a NEW YEAR and we celebrate for it. Guys(born on 1st January) you should be happy,not only you,your family,your friends who is celebrating your birthday but its a whole world who is around you and who is celebrating for you.cheers,once again your birthday is coming."
message happy new year 2018
"As 2021 dawn is started,come on hurry,make all your bad memories with the passing year burry,just remain with your good memories for the new coming year 2018 to carry."
sms happy new year 2021
"lets burn all evils inside us into ash,analyse your hidden qualities and try to encash,on this new year bash..."

message happy new year

"Once you set your aim, rest would be an easy game. Set your aim high. Happy new year.
messages happy new year 9
Leave behind the demons of the past and look forward to a brand new start in 2018 Happy New Year.
messages happy new year 10
There have been many time in 2018 when I may disturbed you troubled u irritated u bugged u . . . . today I just wanna tell you . . . . I plan to continue it in 2018