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April Fools' Day :

April Fools' Day 1:

I asked  bin Laden  has water,  he gave me a océan.Je asked him to grass, he gave me  a prairie.Je asked him a di ispice counasse,  he has given your number.

April Fools' Day 2:

I just received a check for 10,000 euros for you. The message indicates that this is a gift of a childhood friend who does not know your address. I am directed to send you this check, phone me .... April Fools! ! !

April Fools' Day 3:

Urgent: Your car was stolen and involved in a cambriolage.Merci to contact the police. Warrant Molaut

April Fools' Day 4:
Congratulations! You just won first prize in the smaller male

April Fools' Day 5:
Huge earthquake in Albania, 50,000 deaths, the United States are sending food, Britain sending clothes, Switzerland send 50,000 Albanian spare ...poisson d'avril

6.Beautiful, Fatal Beauty, unbearably essential and perfect, but hey let's stop talking about me, and you how are you?

7.Hello, we have detected the misuse of your phone in vibrate mode, we remind you that this is a phone and not an instrument of pleasure ... signed: your operator

8.It's a little boy who told his mother:
-Mom, there is a man who sleeps with the good!
-A gentleman?
-It's April Fools Day!

9.Hello, this is your internet agency, we will have to withdraw your abonement because you go too often on black sites, thank you contact me to discuss it and find a solution.

10.Important: Your phone bill is unpaid, your line will be cut from 18h tonight. Your telephone company.

11.Support: Following a technical problem, your phone will vibrate for 10 minutes. Take this opportunity to put it where you want ...

12.Caution! This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Get rid of your mobile phone immediately!

13.Hello I'm your mobile phone and I have something to ask you,
the next time you go to refill me with molo decision, I still have pain in the back!

14.I am an alien disguised as a cell phone and the key is that you tampered with my sexual organ and see your smile, it looks to make you happy!

15.Remember when we were kids and we took the train, you showed you your head at the window and I showed my back. They looked like twins.

16.Small diction: felation morning, rest of the ....., 69 noon, cleaning tools, sodomy in the evening, rest jaw. A pass at the pig.

17.Hello this is your Portable. Sorry, I switched to the CGT, I go on strike! Claim: double loading release + daily!

18.Hi c me Lyrics. I just wanted to get out of your pocket because the smell of neck t *** es became inssuportable now it's done. THANK YOU!

19.By dint of eat your postilions, chopper I have the flu! signed: your Cell

20.I decided to get a tattoo on a euro sex. I love seeing my savings swollen and it does not bother me that women suck me the money.

April Fools' Day 2020 card

Top 20 April Fools' Day 2020

April Fools' Day 2020

Top 20 April Fools' Day 2020

Top 20 April Fools' Day 2020

Top 20 April Fools' Day 2020

Top 20 April Fools' Day 2020

April Fish

It is April ,1st, starting from last night I have been wondering what pranks my mom had planned for this year Fools' Day as she is the only one who succeeds in trapping me as I believe whatever story she says : my dog who gave birth to 3 puppies , the carpets that my mom washed and some thieves had stolen , and the list is too long .

Until this hour , my mom did not tell me any story ... but the day is still too long !!

But let's look at the history of April Fish :April Fish 2020

The Fools' day is celebrated all over the world , both adults and children enjoy playing pranks . However it is believed that this habit started in France and even if some say it started with Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, most likely, the stage was set when King Charles IX of France in 1564 ordered a new calendar to replace the old Julian calendar. The new calendar was then named the Gregorian calendar, and changed the order of the months and moved New Year's Day to January 1. Before the change, the New Year was celebrated on March 25, and ended on April
Why a fish ? The name “April Fish” applied to the victim of the joke. The idea is that an April fish is a very young fish, and thus easily “caught”. It is thought that some French resisted the change and continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st .Those who had already made the change ridiculed them, and sent them fake gifts or invitations to nonexistent parties. The butt of jokes around this time of year, they were called ''fools'' for celebrating New Year's on April 1 instead of January 1. Come to think of it, the entire situation seems very French indeed!

The French eventually adopted April 1 as a new celebration of these very events, and called it Poisson d'Avril meaning ''April Fish'', a term that is used to this day. So why the term ''April Fish''? Because the New Year once coincided with the sun leaving the zodiacal sign of Pisces, the time of year was significant to the New Year's celebration on the old Julian calendar.

In modern day France, Poisson d' Avril is celebrated by children, who often make paper fish and run around taping the fish to their friends' backs, making them a "fool". Once the ''victim'' realizes that he or she has been fooled, the prankster cries out ''Poisson d' Avril!''
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